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  • ORATO VILLAGE villas and restaurant

Consists of

Villa Klio 96 M2   2 bedroom sleeps 5 private swimming pool- Jacuzzi mtiny

Villa Thetis 76M2 1bedroom sleeps 4 private swimming pool- Jacuzzi

Villa Dafni 96M2 2 bedrooms sleeps 5 private swimming pool- Jacuzzi

Villa Artemis 55M2 sleeps 2 private swimming pool- Jacuzzi

ORATO Restaurant with pool and separate baby pool.

The specific location of the ORATO Villa offers a unique view to its visitors. From the back side someone can observe the landscape of the rough mountains. On the other hand, the observer can turn his sight toward the sea horizon of the Messenia Bay, which expands in the front view. These two combined in a dramatical way characterize the “wild beauty” of our region. Countless beaches of unique beauty with the background of Taygetos mountain contribute to a one of a kind natural environment. Our guests in ORATO Villa enjoy the unique environment to all its greatness and also a place in witch they can relax, relive stress, and refresh themselves. The traditional building technique and modern design spaces combined with garden and privet pool set the base to enjoy the spectacular sunset and the magnificent view. One of the advantages of the location of the ORATO Villa is the ideal climate, like the evening sea breeze that makes even the hot summer days a pleasant atmosphere. The experience can be completed to our restaurant tasting our organic products in a selective cuisine for witch we are very proud of. The name “ORATO villa” comes naturally to describe the picture that is formed to those who visit this place and live a fulfilling experience with all their senses.

ORATO is an ancient Greek word, which describes what is perceived trough the visual sense, as well as with the rest of the senses combined together.

  • Architectural office Ageliki Kelepouri Nikos Orfanos

From 1980 we are an architectural office, that undertakes architectural projects from its initial concept through construction. Areas of expertise range from housing to urban design and private development planning and from interior design to open spaces, and hotel complex. We incorporate priciples of sustainable architecture throu out the local land characteristic. Combing experince, expertise, collaborators and consultants, our office provides hight quality desιgn, presentation and investement plans.


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