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  • Danielle & Dirk Sterkendries-Krekels

    This is the second time we spend every (!) dinner-evening of our holidays in Orato Restaurant.
    The exceptional warmth and friendliness of Minas and Aggeliki is only the least reason…
    The food is exceptional and we never ask for the menu! Best is to ask Minas what he has as special of the day. Unlike most restaurants, this will be what Aggeliki with her team prepared that very day.
    Bread, olive oil, vegetables, herbs, … almost everything comes out of their family-maintained garden, visible from the road!
    Wine, fish, meat is only OK when organically-biologically grown or caught.
    Slowly cooked, mostly in the oven or on the grill, the taste is inimitable. And the prices are (still) normal!

    Don’t let yourself be withdrawn by the road to the restaurant. It is not properly built, but the food and atmosphere, view and drinks, appetizers and wines are more than worthwhile.

    I hope you come after we left, because the calmth and serenity shouldn’t be disturbed :-).

  • Rudi Mannl

    Exquisite greek Cuisine, elegant atmosphere, Wonderfull view and
    Perfect Service, we think Orato is acutally the best restaurant in the Region.
    Thanks a Lot for three Wonderfull evenings we could spent there…
    Rudi & Nina

  • Thea&Rene Burm

    Thea &Rene van 25-05 tot 15-06 2015 Voor de derde keer in Orato Villages geweest we werden met open armen ontvangen,we waren weer thuis.
    We hebben 18 keer in het Restaurant van Ageliki en Minas gegeten wat elke keer opnieuw genieten was ,alles wordt met veel liefde klaargemaakt,
    alles is vers en uit eigen tuin .
    Als je er ėėn maal gegeten hebt wil je nergens anders meer eten zo lekker is het en dan nog maar te zwijgen over de desserts die we geen enkele keer over geslagen hebben .
    En dan nog het uitzicht met elke avond een prachtige zonsondergang wat soms haast onwezenlijk was zo mooi!!!
    En ze zijn allemaal super vriendelijk en behulpzaam met alles ,wij weten zeker dat we er nog terug komen.
    Laat je niet weerhouden door de slechte weg er naar toe ,want dat is het dubbel en dwars waard.

  • Bert D. (4-11 july)

    In July we stayed for 7 days in one of the great villa’s. A spectacular road to reach the villa, but the view from the villa made it worthwile.
    And last but not least there was the restaurant with excellent typical Greek food and wine. The owner and his wife were really dedicated with a personal touch.
    Every evening we let the owner surprise us……..
    We do not only recommend the restaurant, it is an absolute must !!

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